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Monday Funday

Boy, Mondays are always so hard.  I was scheduled to be on vacation today, but I was able to go on in to work.  It was so so hard to get out of bed knowing that I was not really expected to be at work today.  It just felt so wrong!

But I got up and got myself ready to go.  Noah slept  until I was ready to leave so I got to wake him up and get him ready to go.   He cried when I dropped him off today and I don’t like that at all.  It makes it very hard for me to leave him.

Noah had a good day today.  I can tell that he feels better.  He drank his milk better today and smiled and laughed a lot more.  I was tickling his little fat thighs tonight and he was just laughing so hard.

Oh and want to know something else fun that happened today?  Well, on my way home with the kids, I was following a Sherriff.  There was a truck, then the police car and then me.  And we were going the speed limit – like 50 mph.  And all of a sudden, the police flips his lights on and pulls over to the right side of the road.  And I stoooooop in the middle of the road.  And he pulls across the road and then backs up and then takes off in the opposite direction.  Oooookay, was that really necessary to stop in the middle of the road? I think that was awful dangerous.  Is it worth causing an accident just to give some guy a ticket?

Lets hope for an easier Tuesday ….

Nuff said!!!!!