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My Babies

Not much to report tonight.  We had a good weekend, but now both kids are not feeling well.  

Emily and Noah both developed a bit of a cough yesterday.  Noah had a hard time last night.  He just kept waking up coughing and coughing so hard.  I probably got up to check on him a dozen times during the night.  He had a good day today, but he still coughed a lot.  Even when he’s not feeling well, he still has smiles for everyone.
Emily woke up coughing this morning and has coughed more today.  She still seems to feel pretty well even with the cough.  I gave her some cough medicine tonight, but she is having a hard time going to sleep because of the cough.  
I hope both my babies are feeling better in the morning.  It’s so hard when the kids are sick.  I hate to hear them coughing and know that they are not feeling well.  I would much rather it be me who was sick!