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Sick Kid Updates And More!

Noah and Emily are both coughing today.

Emily did okay after she finally went to sleep last night.  She had a hard time going to sleep, but did not wake up during the night.  She went to school today, but coughed a lot and told her teacher that her throat hurt last night.  She told me last night that her throat did not hurt so I don’t know.  I got her some different cough/cold medicine and some cough drops for tomorrow.  They are strawberry flavored so she seemed excited about that.

Noah did not have very many smiles today.  He coughed a lot during the night and so we were up most of the night.  I think I got two straight hours of sleep and then a few other little bits here and there.  Noah didn’t drink his bottles very good today.  When I was feeding him a bottle tonight, he started coughing and threw up all over my shirt .. and my pants .. and his clothes … and my chair.  It was a big one.   Tonight, I slathered him in Vicks Vapor Rub and put him to bed.  He is still coughing so we might be in for another long night.

In Other News …

Today, we registered Emily for a summer activity program at a local church.  It’s a full day program and the kids are always busy.  They get to do a lot of different activities during the summer.  They have a huge, beautiful playground across the street from the church.  They go swimming at a couple different pools.   And they go on several different field trips.  We don’t have a list of all the field trips yet, but it sounds like a lot of fun!  Emily’s two cousins will also be going to the same place so it’s going to be a good summer for them.

And Also …

Mike found out today that he got a promotion and a nice raise at work.  He will have a new title, but the job will basically be the same.  We are so proud of him and so thankful for all his hard work.  We love you!!!


Thursday 3rd of March 2011

Congrats to Mike on the promotion!


Wednesday 2nd of March 2011

Sorry the kiddos are sick. Doesn't sound fun at all. Congrats to Mike on the promotion!