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Bowling Fun Pics

Bowling Fun Pics

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the local bowling alley for some bowling fun. We played with the bumpers up so no gutter balls for us.

Emily really had a hard time getting the ball all the way to the end of the lane to knock over the pins. Next time we go bowling, we will have to practice rolling the ball harder.

Funny story – apparently we go to the bowling alley for birthday parties and not much else because Emily thought we were going to have to pretend that it was someone’s birthday in order to go bowling. She asked me whose pretend birthday it was going to be. I told her we could pretend it was hers. Well, she got so upset and started crying!!! She is SO her mother’s child. She does NOT like all the attention on her.

Noah sat in his stroller part of the time. We really was not a huge fan of the bowling alley. But just wait till he is bigger.

Me and the kids. I took a cute pic of Mike and Noah, but it turned out blurry.

As you can see, I don’t think any of us will be competing in any bowling competitions any time soon.

Winner gets to pick the ice cream shoppe!

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