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Emily Lost a Tooth!

Emily lost her first tooth tonight. Looks like the Tooth Fairy is on her way to our house for the first time ever!

Poor Emily. Her tooth had been hanging on by a thread for days. So tonight I helped her brush her teeth to see if I could help it on it’s way a bit.

Well, it started bleeding and she got SO upset. So I gave her a wet paper towel and she put it on her tooth and the tooth came right out. I showed it to her but she wanted NOTHING to do with it.

She finally did want to look at it. Then we put it into an empty 35mm film container just like I did when I was a girl. Emily said she was glad the tooth was out because it had been feeling funny.

So the Tooth Fairy will be coming tonight. But how much $$ does the Tooth Fairy bring these days?? A dollar? More? Weigh in soon before she gets here.

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Tuesday 26th of April 2011

I heard that too!!!!! Come tooth fairy don't break the spell.Nanny


Tuesday 26th of April 2011

I heard the tooth fairy brings $20 these days!