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Happy Bunny

Late yesterday afternoon, Emily and I went outside to do some weeding in the flower beds. I had been needing to pull some weeds in my iris bed along the front of the fence to the “garden area.”

I put garden area in quotes because we have not had a garden in over five years – since we had kids. Hopefully we will get back to it one day but it will have to be when the kids are bigger and a little less needy when we are outside.

So Emily go out there and start pulling at the weeds. But some of then are hard to budge. And there were a whole lot of them. We decided we needed some help so we went and got the weedeater.

I was going along the flowerbed getting as close as I could to the plants without clipping them. I cut off a few of the leaves. Oopsie. But none of the buds.

As I got close to the far end of the flowerbed, I noticed something hopping right along the fence row. It was a tiny baby bunny! It was brown with a white cottontail. Emily named him Happy Bunny. I probably could have picked him up if I’d wanted to, but I didn’t want to disturb him.

Emily said “let’s take a picture!” but I didn’t have my phone with me. Clearly, she knows how this works. We get pictures of everything!

Happy Bunny didn’t seem to know where to go. He eventually hopped into the higher grass away from the danger of my weedeater.

We went back out tonight to see if we could find Happy Bunny, but we didn’t see him. Hopefully he is somewhere safe with his mommy.

Here are a couple pictures of our irises.

We have some irises in another flowerbed that are already blooming. I’m surprised I was able to get a clear picture as hard as the wind was blowing today.

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