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Hearts of Gold

Not much news on the heart arrhythmia front. My doctor’s nurse did call me back this afternoon, but only to tell me that the cardiologist’s nurse would be calling me directly. Well, they never called today.

I continue to have the irregular heartbeat several times throughout the day. I did end up telling a couple of my co-workers what was going on. I figured at least a couple people should know what was going on in case I need help at work. I mean I spend a big part of my day up there so you never know.

My news was greeted with a mixture of jokes and genuine concern. That was to be expected. I think a person has to keep their sense of humor at a time like this anyway.

Show and Tell

Today, Emily took the two birds nests that we found in the cedar trees a couple weeks ago for Show and Tell at school. She said that it went fine and her classmates thought the nests were “fine”.

She asked me on the way home how I got the nests out of the trees so that must have been one of the questions the kids had. I told her that they were low enough in the tree that I just reached in there with my glove and pulled the nests out.

But I clarified that if there were bird eggs in the nests, I would have left the nests alone. I didn’t want her to think I stole the nests out from under some baby birds. I wouldn’t do that. I might have taken pictures of the eggs, but I would not have disturbed them.

Tomorrow is Emily’s Easter party at school. She has to bring a dozen filled plastic eggs for the egg hunt and a veggie tray for the snack party. I wish I could go, but I have not worked a full day yet this week. And if I was to make it to the party, I would have to leave work by 1:15pm. Not good.

This Blog, In Print

I have been thinking about this for a while, but I have decided that I would like to print a book of my blogs. I’m thinking I could make a book for each year as sort of a scrapbook for our family.

I was looking through some of my older blog entries today and I almost squealed at some of the pictures from when Emily was smaller. I remember some of those days like it was yesterday.

I need to shop around and see what blog printing services are available. The one I found today would be about $80 per year. That seems a little high. Maybe I can find a better alternative.