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Holter Done

Sorry about the late update. I’ve been relaxing in my bath for a while. When I had the Holter monitor on, I was not allowed to bathe or shower. So tonight was my first bath or shower since Monday morning.

I was able to take the Holter monitor off myself this morning. The electrodes just unsnap from the sticky pads. And the sticky pads just pull right off. Ouch!

I will return the monitor to the heart hospital in the morning. We were busy tonight and I did not get a chance to go up there before the office closed.

Baby Sleep

Noah has started fighting bedtime this week. He is clearly sleepy, but when we put him in his bed he cries. I guess I had taken for granted how easy he has always been to put to bed. This new thing is hard! I want my “old normal” back. I was spoiled!

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