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It's Funny

Okay, having arrhythmia likely caused by a Mirena IUD is not funny. I will get to the funny parts in a minute.

First, an irregular heartbeat update. After a couple rounds of phone tag, I was finally able to talk to a scheduler from the cardiologist’s office.

And let me tell you she was SO sweet. She kept calling me honey and baby while we were talking. I got the feeling she felt sorry for me, like “you poor thing, you’re so young to be having heart problems.” I kept expecting her to come out with a “bless your heart” (har-de-har-har … bad joke!) but she didn’t.

So the cardiologist wants me to come into the office on Monday to be hooked up to a Holter monitor. This is a small heart monitor that will record my heart rhythm. I will have to wear this for 48 hours.

Then the following week I will meet with the doctor to discuss the results of the test. To me, it seems like an awful long and drawn out process for someone having heart problems. I mean a heart is a pretty important organ. You only get one heart!

Overall, I have felt a little better. I didn’t feel like I had as many irregular heartbeat episodes today. That makes me think the problems really were caused by the IUD and I’m feeling better now that it’s out.

A Funny Story From Work

I know I don’t normally tell stories from the office, but this one was just too good to pass up.

So this morning one of the guys at the office came in walking all stiff-legged like a bow-legged cowboy. We asked what was the matter with him and he said he got into some poison ivy the other day. He had gotten a rash on his hands, around his eyes and nose, and apparently somewhere in his pants. Awful!!!!

I know it’s not nice to laugh, but we laughed about that off and on all day. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. Someone would mimic the way he was walking around this morning with his arms and legs out to the side and I would just die in a fit of giggles again.

Something Stinks

Something stinks and it’s Noah’s feet! Emily and I washed them with a wet rag tonight and then put baby lotion on them. Noah was laughing so hard when Emily was rubbing on his feet.

I love to watch the two of them together. Noah just loves to play with Emily and she loves to play with him. Nothing better than watching brother and sister play.

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