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Late Update

Mike commented tonight that I didn’t update by blog today so I thought I better put up a quick update for you. And him.

I’m still having the skipped heartbeats today. It seems like they get more frequent as I get toward the end of the week. Sometimes it takes a few seconds longer than normal to get back into the regular rhythm. I try not to worry too much about it, but it is definitely a strange feeling.

More Fun

Emily had a reading assessment test this week at school. I’m anxious to see how well she did. I think she is doing a fantastic job of reading, especially considering her age. That girl loves to read!

I think Noah heard through the grapevine that I was complaining about his nighttime habits on my blog. I say that because he went to sleep a lot easier tonight. He didn’t do all that fussing like he did the other nights this week. I’ll take an easy night where I can get it these days.

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