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I love my children.

This afternoon we went to get their Easter pictures taken with Madison and Mason.

All the kids did really well. It is HARD taking pictures with a baby but they all smiled and got the job done.

We got lots of different kinds of pictures in their Easter clothes. Then they took some pictures of Emily in her cap and gown for Kindergarten graduation. And they got some pictures of Noah in a big bathtub and in one other little outfit.

We will get a CD of the images sometime next week, but I can already tell it is going to be difficult to pick which pictures we want.

Here is a picture of Noah after we got home tonight. He was so tired. He will be ready for an early bedtime.

Emily already had her dress off or I would have gotten a picture of her too. She looked beautiful today. Even the photographer said so.

I LOVE MY KIDS!!!!!!!!!

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