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So Ready

I’m so ready to get this heart monitor off! The sticky patches are so so itchy to me. I think I’m allergic to the adhesive that they use. I bet I’ll have some big red marks on my chest when I take the electrodes off in the morning.

I marked and logged 18 instances of skipped heartbeats yesterday. Today, I did not do so well. I marked most of the episodes on the recorder, but I didn’t log everything. I actually ran out of room on my log sheet. But I probably had about the same number of episodes.

So I will take the electrodes off after my time expires in the morning. Then I will take the recorder and all the wires back to the heart hospital later in the day.

I’m so ready to be done with this test and to find out why this keeps happening. I will keep you posted.


The Tooth Fairy came last night. She didn’t bring $20 though. There was no way that was going to happen at this house. Instead, she brought a “gold dollar”.

And she also failed to get the tooth out from under the pillow. She tried. But she must have dropped it in the way out.

Maybe next time she will do better.

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