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Teeth, Only Different

Last time I talked about teeth, Noah was getting his baby teeth. This time, Emily is getting ready to lose one of her teeth.

Nanny noticed that Emily has a big tooth coming in behind her bottom teeth. The tooth in front is getting loose so it will probably come out soon.

Poor Emily is a little freaked out about the prospect of her tooth falling out. Nanny told her that she better not eat an apple so she has decided that she better not eat much of anything. She told us tonight at supper that “Daddy packed too much food” in her lunch today and that she was SO full.

She did end up eating something but she said she was chewing with the big tooth and not the one that was loose. Ha ha!

So want to see Emily’s new tooth? This pic is kinda gross because she had been eating. But here goes if you are so inclined.

I hope the tooth fairy is prepared!

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Saturday 16th of April 2011

Madison told Emily the tooth fairy brings $20.00. Hope she has lots of money on hand. Ha! Ha!I think Emily knew it was loose because she told me she didn't eat her apples from her lunch...she got to full. She's a smart girl.