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A Very Good Week

This last week of March has been a very good week for our family. We have seen good news everywhere we turn.

1) Emily got her report card this week and she scored “Satisfactory” (the best!) in every category! Last time, she had some “Developing” skills and she improved in all those categories.

She is reading really well and is the teacher’s little helper. We are so proud of Emily and how well she is doing in school.

2) Mike found out this week that he is getting a very large raise at work. This is actually the third raise he has gotten this year. One was a large raise related to a promotion and the other was a small cost of living raise.

We are very proud of Mike and all the hard work he puts in to support our family. Thank you!

3) I found out that I am getting a small raise at work as well. Okay, the correct phrase is probably “very small” but we will take what we can get in this category.

4) We thought our car insurance premiums would probably be going up this year, but we found out this week that they are actually going down. That is a surprise and a big praise.

As you can see, some really exciting things are happening in our family. The Lord is blessing us in ways that we could not even imagine.

Glory be to God!

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