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It’s Not All in My Head

I knew it was not all in my head. I could feel it happening. I know you didn’t think it was all in my head either.

The cardiologist’s office called this afternoon to let me know that the doctor reviewed my Holter monitor results and would like to refer me to an electrophysiologist in the same office.

The nurse said the monitor did show that I was having some early heartbeats. Early beats are common, but I had some episodes where several beats in a row would be early/irregular. In some cases, I had up to five beats in a row that were off.

So I will still go see the cardiologist in the morning so that he can give me the detailed results of my test. And I will go see the electrophysiologist in mid-June.

All the wait-and-see gets really old. But what can you do? The doctors are just too busy! The nurse said “if it makes you feel any better, the other electrophysiologist in our office is booked until July!”

A) No, it does not make me feel better.

B) Do I really want to see the electrophysiologist who is only booked up to June if the other one is booked up till July? Is the other one better? Hmmm?