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Noah – By The Numbers

9 – Months old, today.

20 – Pounds, plus

12 – Ounces.

40th – Percentile in weight.

27 – Inches long, plus a half inch.

50th – Percentile in height. That’s a huge increase from his 6 month appointment. The Dr thinks the last one was a misread.


12 – Month clothes size.

3 – Size diapers.


6 – Teeth!

4 – Teeth on top.

2 – Teeth on bottom.

1 – Drooly baby boy.


4 – Bottles a day now.

4 – Ounces each.

16 – Ounces of formula a day.

16 – Ounces a day is okay.

20 – Ounces is preferred by the pediatrician.

3 – Meals a day. Right on track. Make it healthy!

0 – Cows milk, until age 1. Milk products like cheese and yogurt are okay.

0 – Eggs and peanut butter at this age, too. Allergy risk. Zero honey as well.

3 – Fave Foods: Applesauce, Sweet Potatoes, Vanilla Wafers! He likes many other foods too.

2 – New foods tried today: rice and refried beans. He’s a fan!


10 Special Things about Noah

1: Happy boy.

2: Laughs SO hard at his sister!

3: Sleeping better now, both at naptime and at bedtime.

4: Likes to dance to George Strait, especially the song “The Fireman”!

5: Cruises all around the kitchen in his walker. He is getting a lot better at controlling his direction of travel.

6: Sits well without support. Likes to roll to get to whatever it is he wants.

7: Loves the pacifier now. I think we have seven pacis now so there is always one handy.

8: Still likes a blanket when he goes to sleep. Rolls all over the bed at night!

9: Handsome just like his daddy.

10: Very much loved by his family!!!

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