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Catching Up

The Smith family has been having a busy summer.  It seems like the weeks and weekends are going by really quickly.  First we had our trip to San Antonio.  Then we had Emily’s 6th birthday party.  Then we had Father’s Day weekend.  This week Noah has Vacation Bible School.  And next week Emily has Cousin’s Week.

Father’s Day
We had a good weekend last weekend as we celebrated Father’s Day.  We decided to give Mike his Father’s Day present on Friday night so that we could enjoy it during the weekend.  We got him an electric meat smoker.  Mike did a lot of research online on how to smoke meat and some good recipes for marinades and rubs and things.
We got some chicken breasts, some pork chops, and some hamburger meat for our first smoking challenge. It was actually not too bad.  It just took longer than we expected because I read in the instructions that we had to season the smoker by running it for like 3 hours before we started cooking anything.   
We liked everything that we cooked, but we decided that maybe the meat was over spiced.  Maybe next time we’ll try it with a little less spice.  We have been eating smoked meat all week for supper.  Yum!
Vacation Bible School
This week, Noah is going Vacation Bible School for the first time.  He’s going with Nanny and Poppa.  Nanny is working in the baby room with him along with Aunt Pat and Aunt Charlene.  They have 10 babies so they have their hands full!  Emily is not going to VBS this year since she’s going to Summer Camp at a local church this summer.  
Crawling Before You Can Walk

Noah recently started crawling.  He just took off and now he goes everywhere.  We put the Pack ‘n Play up in the living room as a playpen the other week and Noah loves to sit in there and play with his toys.  He can pull up on the side and look around.  Pretty soon he’ll be walking.  He’ll be walking!  Oh my!