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Happy Birthday, Emily!

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Emily!

Emily turned six years old yesterday. She had a fun birthday party at Hideaway Pizza. That was her choice. We offered a lot of other party options, but she really just wanted some pizza and family.

I think we had about 20 people at her party. Grandmother and Aunt Heather and Uncle Stephen came from out of town to be with us on Emily’s special day.  We ate pizza then had some cake and then opened presents. Emily got a lot of really nice things. She has been playing with all her new toys since we got home from the party yesterday.

All About Emily

Emily just finished kindergarten and will be starting first grade in the fall. She already knows how to read and she loves books! She got several books for her birthday and she has already been busy reading them.

Emily is so sweet. She loves her family so much, including the grandparents, cousins, and extended family. She is willing to help with whatever is needed.

Emily loves her little brother. And he loves her too. Noah is always watching her to see what she is doing. And she is very patient with him. He might pull her hair or try to take her toys. But she doesn’t mind. They are going to be good friends I know.

Emily is so funny. Sometimes she gets on s silly kick and you never know what she will say. She can make Noah laugh like no other. They will often both get to laughing in the backseat of the car. They are fun to watch together.

Happy Birthday, Emily. You changed our lives forever when you were born six years ago. You are such a sweet, smart, beautiful, special little girl. We love you with all our hearts!!!!!!!

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