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Our Sign

I think we have a vandal around here. Well vandal is really not the right word. Maybe it’s more like a thief. But thief is really not right either. I guess it’s more like a troublemaker.

We have a stone address sign at the end of our driveway. I took a picture of the back of it since it has our address on it. I bought this for Christmas and put it out by the driveway this past spring.

Well this evening when we got home, our sign had been pulled up and moved down by the mailboxes by the road. It was just resting against one of the other mailboxes down there.

This is actually the second time our address sign has been moved. It was also moved a couple weeks ago while we were at work. It was left in the same spot both times.

We don’t know who is moving our sign or why. Mike thinks someone is messing with us for some unknown reason. We leave everyone out here alone so I don’t know why they would do that.

If they are trying to give us hints about something, we’re not getting it.

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