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Vacation San Antonio

Sorry about the blog silence. We were out of town on vacation and I am not comfortable telling the Internet that we were not going to be home.

So we just got back from our family vacation to San Antonio. We went with Mike’s family. One day we went to Sea World. Another day, we visited The Alamo. We were going to go check out the Riverwalk but it was sooooooo hot!

I managed to get a few pictures with my phone. I didn’t even take my other camera. I knew it would be nearly impossible to take pictures while tending the kids.

Here are some of our picture from Sea World.

Azul dolphin show. They has acrobats, high divers in beautiful costumes, tropical birds, and several dolphins. The trainers and acrobats got into the water with the animals during this show.

We sat in the splash zone, but we never got splashed. I was actually looking forward to getting splashed because it was sooooo hot. Probably best that it didn’t happen though since Noah was asleep in my lap.

Later, we went to the Shamu show. It was late in the day so we say up at the top of the stadium, far away from the splash zone. More on this in a minute.

In this show, the trainers did not get into the water with the animals. They stood on small decks to interact with the animals.

Emily liked it when Shamu slid up onto the deck.

For parts of the show, there was a baby swimming beside the mom. Big baby. Really big baby.

This pic is not very good, but see that tail fin sticking up in the middle of the pic? That’s actually a bad sign.

Because this is what happens next in the splash zone.

And then. Then. THEN! They lowered a big ball on a string over the pool. And this giant orca whale jumped completely out of the water to touch it!!! Seriously!

And in case you’re wondering what happens next, all the water splashes out of the tank. Not really. But close.

Besides watching a couple shows, we also rode some rides.

And we even saw some Sesame Street characters live and in person. Awww!

We were so hot and tired by the time we left, but everybody had a good time at Sea World San Antonio.

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