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First Grade

I had the privilege of taking Emily to her first day of First Grade this morning.

She wanted to wear her San Antonio T-Shirt this morning. And she wanted her hair in pigtails with her bow just a certain way.

When we got to school, her teacher and class had already gone down to the gym for the morning assembly.

So we walked down there to join her class. On the way, we saw Mason in his classroom.

And we stopped to snap a quick pic.

When we got to the gym, we saw Madison. She wanted to hold Noah for a minute. Noah was very interested in checking out all the kids.

Emily went to sit with her class. That’s her friend Jaydon on her right. She was not unhappy to be there. She was just tired of getting her picture taken.

When I picked her up from school, she said her day was “great” and that she wanted to go back to school tomorrow.

She said that her class sat in a circle and passed a ball around and whoever has the ball has to say their name. Then they went around and said their last name. Then they went around and said their favorite color. She said her favorite color was purple.

It sounds like we are off to an excellent start to first grade.

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