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Meet The Teacher 2011

Tonight we headed over to the school to meet Emily’s first grade teacher.

Emily had a teacher in mind that she wanted. We had been talking to her about how we don’t get to pick our teachers and how God knows which teacher is best for Emily this year.

Well, Emily did not get the teacher she wanted. But she found out that a few of her friends were going to be in the same class she is in. So she was pretty excited.

Her teacher’s name is Mrs. Weaver. She only has about 15 kids in her class this year. They also got a new smart board for their classroom this year. That’s going to be very cool.

School Supplies

When my sister was here visiting the other week, she gave me a hard time because I ordered Emily’s school supplies through the PTA. They sell a pack of everything on the school supply list for a set price. Heather said it takes the fun out of going back to school because you don’t get to pick out all your fun supplies.

The school supply packs were supposed to be in the classroom tonight, but Emily’s was not there. I asked the teacher and she said I would need to check with the PTA. The PTA said they did receive some extra packs that did not have names on them so they would need to sort it all out. They are supposed to call and let me know if they found Emily’s supplies. If not, I guess we will be going shopping tomorrow night!!

I think next year we will be going shopping for supplies on our own.

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