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Where Have We Been?

Hello everybody!  We have been busy and living life.  

The hard part about blogging is that it’s hard to keep up.  And the hard part about taking a blog hiatus is that it’s hard to catch up.  As I get time, I will try to go back and add some pics and some notes about the past few months.

But in the meantime, here’s our life in a nutshell: 

  • Emily turned seven years old recently.  She had a party at Cheesecake Factory and was so thrilled to see everyone. She got lots of neat gifts – lots of arts and crafts supplies, books, clothes, etc.  Emily has completed the first grade.  She loves to read and play on the iPhone.  She doesn’t like to go to bed!
  • Noah fell and broke his leg.  It was the day before Mother’s Day and we were playing at home that morning.  I was going to go put his play clothes on him.  But as I was walking toward him, he took off running from me and just fell down immediately.  When he fell, I heard a pop.  I knelt down and scooped him up before he even started crying.  Then he started screaming. I didn’t even know what body part was hurting, but I knew that we needed to go to the emergency room.  More on this later, but Noah is not even two years old and has had his leg in a cast for the last six weeks.  We have about two more weeks to go.  
  • Our house is for sale.  We’re hoping it will sell soon so that we can get moved and settled before school starts in a few weeks.  I’m not sure that is going to happen, but we’ll see.