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Fall Break 2012 – Parks

Fall Break 2012 – Parks

Today was day two of fall break!  The funnest things we could think of were a trip to Andy Alligator’s Fun Park and a trip to the park.

I put $5 on a Gator Bucks card for each of the kids.  Emily spent her money on just a few $1 games and Noah wanted to run off instead of playing anything.  So we didn’t get to stay there long.  Emily was pretty disappointed, but it was really hard trying to keep Noah in one spot while she played a game.

After Andy Alligator, we ran by Sonic for some lunch.  I’m not sure Emily was too happy about this either, but it was fine.

Then we went to the big park.  First, we got the stroller out and walked around the track.  It was only a mile, but every couple minutes Emily was asking to sit down or get a drink.  We eventually did make it around and back to the playground.

Noah went right to the swings and was just laughing so loud saying “high high Mama!”  Emily liked sliding down the big slide and climbing up the rock wall. She played with Noah on the little kid playground for a while too.  I didn’t get any pictures of them on the little kid playground because I was working too hard trying to keep Noah from sliding down the slide without me.  They had a good time though.

Here are some pictures from our day.