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Bell’s Palsy – Day 22

Bell’s Palsy – Day 22

After 3 weeks, I’m happy to report that my face is showing signs of improvement.

On Friday morning, I noticed that I was able to move the corner of my mouth a teeny tiny bit.

This is my new smile.  I have practiced this smile probably about 500 times over the last few days.

No noticeable improvement with my eye yet, but I will take every little improvement I can get!

What do you think? Looking better?



Wednesday 9th of January 2013

Hi Carol! I hope you are feeling better. I'm wondering if you have been taking any medications or vitamins or supplements for your Bell's Palsy?

I don't know if this is what helped me or not, but I started to see small improvements just a few days after I started taking vitamins and supplements. Wondering if others are having similar experiences?


Tuesday 8th of January 2013

Hi Jennifer, I'm Carol. I just found your blog and wanted to step in and say hello!Jan. 1, 2013, I looked in the mirror and saw my smile in a distinctly wrong place. It looked just like yours.Since I'm 53, my first thought was that I was having a stroke. My 28 yr old daughter lives nearby so I drove to her home right away. (Dumb...but had no choice.) Since Bells looks like a stroke, you should treat it like a stroke. While strokes, time is extremely important. The sooner you get to the E.R. the more likely you are to prevent damage. After a CAT scan and MRI, I was diagnosed with Bells. I'm in day 8 now (its late in WA!) and I want to talk with you and compare notes. Thanks for posting your pics and info, it was nice to see.Have a good weekend!


Monday 7th of January 2013

Awesome! Glad you are improving!