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Bell’s Palsy – Day 35

Well today is Day 35 with Bell’s Palsy.  I have made a lot of improvements within the last couple of weeks.

I can blink my eye now. It doesn’t close completely, but it’s a lot better.  This week, I had several days where my eye was irritated and dry.  I still tape my eye closed at night to protect it and help add some moisture back, let my eye rest.  Today, I tried wearing my contacts all day and it was not too bad.  I hope to be able to wear my contacts to work at least one or two days next week, depending on how it goes.

As you can see in the picture, my smile is coming back but my eyebrows are still not even.

My smile is back!!!!!

The muscles in my face are still fairly weak.  I still have to hold my lips closed when I rinse my mouth after I brush my teeth.  It is getting easier to talk although I still often talk out of the side of my mouth.

Oddly enough, my nose still has no movement on the affected side.

I think nobody who sees me realizes that I have Bell’s Palsy.  I think I’ve made huge improvements in a little over a month.  This is great!   When I first got Bell’s Palsy and heard “1-3 months” I was thinking that is terrible!  But it’s been a month and I’m getting back to normal.