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Day Trip Fun

Day Trip Fun

Yesterday I mentioned that we took a day trip to Stillwater to check out the OSU campus.  It had been about 15 years since I’d even been there for a visit and a lot had changed.

One thing that had not changed much was the first Sonic Drive-In in Stillwater.

One semester when I was in college, I had a night class one night a week.

Most of the time, I would stop by Sonic after class to get something to eat on my way home.  The kids seemed unimpressed with my stories, but that hardly stopped me from chattering the whole trip.

After we got done with our tour, we went to the bowling alley to have some “real fun”.It takes a lot of concentration to bowl a good game.

And sometimes the ball is pretty dang heavy.

But sometimes the stairs are more fun.

Sometimes you feel good about your bowling skills. (Note that she’s celebrating and the ball has not even gotten down to the pins yet.)

And sometimes you just gotta let it go.  (Note that my ball is in the gutter and all the pins are standing like perfect soldiers.  The pins are pretty safe with me around.)
Emily was actually the winner of this game, but we all had a good time.Then we hopped in the car and headed back home.

But on the way out of town, I was like “I need something to eat – where’s that chocolate factory that we saw on the sign?”  And Mike immediately pulled over to turn around without even know what direction we needed to go.  Ha ha.  Luckily, we were not very far away from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and it was easy to find.

They had case after case of tempting treats.  Their candied apples looked delicious. We didn’t try one, but everyone got to pick out something to try.

They also had an ice cream shoppe inside the store.  We got to try a few flavors and it was good stuff.

… And a good time was had by all.