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Romantic Don Juan Ohhh La La

Romantic Don Juan Ohhh La La

This is the second year I’ve grown Don Juan climbing roses in the flower bed beside my bay window.  Now that I am working from home, the bay windows are in my office and I just love looking out the window and seeing my beautiful roses all day.

I’ve had some problems with black spot on my roses this year and I have been treating it with a fungicide. I am still having problems though so I think I am going to have to find something else to try.  There is a really good plant nursery near my house and I might go see if they have any suggestions.

About a month ago, I cut both rose bushes back severely to try to eliminate all the  parts with the black spots, but even that has not completely eliminated the problem.   I’ve also started watering my roses in the morning and trying not to get water on the leaves.

Luckily, the roses are still blooming despite some yellow leaves.

So beautiful.

Favorite rose variety?

Any remedies for black spot on roses?