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Send Off to Summer Camp

Send Off to Summer Camp

On Monday morning, I took Emily to meet the bus for summer camp.  She’s going with about 150 other kids from our church.  She was a little nervous while we were waiting for time to load the buses, but I know that she’s having a great time.

Our church has a Facebook page and they have posted a few photos of the campers.  I’ve caught a peek of Emily in a few of the pictures.

The camp has a system where we can email her “Bunk Mail” messages that are delivered to the campers each night after dinner.  I’ve been sending her bunk mail every day, but I was supposed to send the email address and instructions to other family members and I have failed to do this.  I’m going to do it as soon as I post this blog.

We’ve all been missing Emily this week while she’s gone.  Can’t wait until she comes home on Thursday!