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Labor Day Adventure – Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

So, I’m finally getting back to finishing up the recap of or Labor Day trip. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to blog these days.  I guess I’m never completely sure what to say.  Can’t I just post the thousand pictures and be done with it?
After Dinosaur World, we grabbed lunch then headed to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.  Fossil Rim is one of those drive-thru zoo places.  We’ve been to a couple places like this and we all really enjoyed it.  We’d heard some good things about this one so we were excited to try it out.
When we got there, we went into the gift shop to pay our admission and get some animal food.  One of the ladies at the counter mentioned that they had about 750 cars going through there the prior day.  That sounded like a lot.  Then when we drove through the checkpoint, the woman gave her little spiel then said “Okay, we’ll see you right back here in about 3 hours.”  I thought, “Oh fun!  That’s a nice long drive-thru zoo.  Lots to see.”

And there was definitely lots to see.  Lots of deer.
And lots of other kinds of deer.  All kinds of deer.  Big ones, little ones.  Big horns, little horns.
Another deer!  Oh wait, that’s dear Noah.
There were really a lot of cars.  And a lot of people spent a lot of time feeding all the deer that would come up to the vehicle.  Like, a long time.  Feeding all the deer.   Catch my drift?

They had quite a few giraffes that were really cool to see.  They couldn’t come up to the cars to get a bite to eat, but they were very neat.

The fact that the giraffes didn’t want to come eat didn’t mean the cars would just keep going to find other animals to feed though.  They’d just sit there for like 5 minutes … waiting … blocking the road … with a couple dozen cars sitting “patiently’ behind them.

Of course, the deer wanted to eat!

As we approached the 3 hour mark, I was getting pretty impatient with all the cars and the lines not moving. In a few areas, there were signs that said “Stay in your vehicle or get escorted out.”  This started sounding like a incredibly good option.  #rulebreaker


We eventually did make it out of there though and I was so glad. It was a fun trip, but just way too many cars on that particular day.