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Emily and Noah Blog: Easter Baskets

Emily and Noah Blog: Easter Baskets

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Emily: 3 words. It. Was. Awesome! I got white high top Converse shoes, sunglasses, mechanical pencils, a water bottle, a Peekaboo (it holds your phone.) Its name is Uni – Unibrow! Haha. I also got Bath and Bodyworks stuff. I got a beach towel, beach ball, and frisbees. And of course LOTS OF CANDYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah: So, I got a fluffy bunny. I got beach things! I got a beach ball, eggs, candy, Donatello and a T-Rex, movie tickets, and Peeps! I also got a C3PO tsum tsum, 2 movies, headphones, shoes and a whole lot more. It was awesome. P.S. This golden egg is super fun. It has a Warren (movie) ticket inside. Wow. P.P.S. You can watch a movie while holding it and you can watch Justin Bieber’s music while putting headphones on. Thank you Easter Bunny! Hallelujah!

Emily: WOW! He must have had too much candy because he has gone CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!