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Elephant Cake Pops Recipe

Edited: I edited this post to add information about how to make the grey color of the elephants.

One of the things Emily and I made for the baby shower was these cute elephant cake pops.

I definitely need to work on quality control if I ever do this project again, but everyone seemed to like them.

I followed the instructions that I found online.

She had an excellent tutorial on the process.

The ears are blue candy melts.

The trunk is made from the same candy melt trimmed down to a trunk shape.  

The feet are dehydrated marshmallows.

The heart on the nose is a heart-shaped sprinkle.

The Feet

Let’s talk about the feet for a minute.

Back around Christmas, I’d seen some Jet Puffed Mallow Bits dehydrated mini marshmallows in a cute little container.

But I could not find them anywhere in the store.

And they were sold out or extremely expensive anywhere I found them online.

So I found another dehydrated marshmallow product on Amazon that was cheaper.

I ordered it … and was very surprised when a 1-pound bag of dehydrated marshmallows showed up at my house.

Does anybody have suggestions on ways I can use about a million dehydrated mini marshmallows? 

The other thing I wanted to say about the dehydrated mini marshmallow feet was that when I got them out of the bag and started working with them, they rehydrated very quickly and began to stick to everything.

So you might want to just get a few out at a time.

You also have to make sure you adhere the marshmallow feet to the cake ball using melted candy before you dip the elephant into the melted candy.

The Trunk 

I used a small metal decorating tip to cut the candy melts into the shape of a trunk.

I was able to get about two trunks out of each candy disk.

I used the exact same blue candy melt discs that I used for the ears.

These are the blue candy melt discs that I used. 

I bought two packages and had one leftover.

I only made about 24 cake pops though.

Actually, I made probably twice that many balls, but only dipped 24 of them.

Anyway, you will want to dip the trunk into candy melts and push it into the cake ball before you dip the entire elephant in the melted candy.

The Heart

I think the red heart is one thing that wins these elephant cake pops.

I used these red heart sprinkles.

They were a perfect size.

The Eyes

I ordered these edible markers online to use for the eyes.

I had a very hard time getting them to write and so some of my elephant eyes were pretty messy and uneven.

I still don’t know what I did wrong unless the markers were not made to write on candy melts.

The Grey Color

The grey color of the elephants was made by mixing 1 part black candy melts with 3 parts white

Some of my elephants started to droop on the stick while they were drying.

I think these were ones that did not get a good amount of candy melts between the stick and the cake ball.

You should let the candy melts pool around the stick a little bit so that the cake ball doesn’t move or come off the stick.

Also, be prepared to be in the kitchen for a while because it’s definitely a process to get them all decorated up.

But I think it was worth the effort!