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Baby Shower Candy Bar Game

One of the games we played at the baby shower was the candy bar game. I don’t know if you’ve ever had the opportunity to play this game before, but it was a lot of fun and sometimes pretty funny.

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In the candy bar game, the host says a word or phrase related to pregnancy or parenting and the players have to guess the type of candy bar that best represents this word or phrase.

Instead of printing a list of the possible choices, I decided to attach the candy bars to a poster board. I used a stiff poster board that I found at Hobby Lobby.

I thought this method worked out really well because people could visually see their options and which choices are still remaining.

Baby Shower Candy Bar Game board

You can find many different lists of phrases and their matching candy bars for this game online, but I will share the list I used below.

Baby Shower Candy Bar Game Matches

Daddy at ConceptionBig Hunk
The conceptionSkor
Choosing a baby nameWhatchamacallit
Girl’s NameBaby Ruth
Boy NamesMike and Ike
AnesthesiologistMr Goodbar
Delivery DoctorButterfinger
Labor and Delivery nursesSweet Tarts
Umbilical cordTwizzlers
Hospital Bill100 Grand
Preemie BabyRunts
Chunky BabyRolo
Diapers, Formula, MedicinePayday
Dirty LaundryMounds
Postpartum BellyJelly Belly
Breast FeedingMilky Way
Dirty DiaperMilk Duds
Time AloneZero
Mommy’s Sleep TimeFast Break
New babyAlmond Joy
TripletsThree Musketeers
Baby LaughsSnickers
Cool MomPeppermint Patty
First year of ParenthoodRocky Road

Free Printable Shopping List

Use this Free Printable Shopping List to make sure you have all the candy bars for your game.

Hard to Find Candy Bars

Some of the candy bars were hard for us to find. I actually put Emily and Mike in charge of finding all the obscure candy bars.

They found a lot of them at CVS and Walgreens. You can go on the Walgreens website and look up which stores have certain candy bars.

The Big Hunk is one of the candy bars that we had a hard time finding and we finally found on the Walgreens website at a store a few miles away from us. Mike and Noah went there to look for it and they found it right away.

Save this Baby Shower Candy Bar Game to your Baby Shower Board or your Party Games board.

Baby Shower Candy Bar Game
Baby Shower Candy Bar Game Details

Rocky Road bar was another one that we had trouble with. Mike and Emily eventually found it at a specialty candy store called Lohmann’s Good Things in Norman.

This game was a big hit at the baby shower. I’d highly recommend it. Like I said, you can modify the list of candy bars to your liking. There are many choices out there for this game.

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Have you ever played the Baby Shower Candy Bar Game? Let us know in the comments!