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Emily’s Piano Recital

Emily’s piano recital was on Saturday afternoon. She played “Silver Moon Boat,” a Chinese folk melody, and she did really well. She really enjoys playing the piano and it’s easy to tell that she’s improving every year.

You can watch her performance in this YouTube video.

After the recital, everyone brings goodies to share. Emily and I made some cake pops to take to the recital.
This time, we made chocolate cake pops. I just used some leftover candy coating that I had and decorated them with sprinkles. Last time I made cake pops, a lot of them cracked. But this time, I did not refrigerate the cake pops and none of them cracked. Perhaps that’s the trick?
This was the first time I got to use my cupcake/cake pop carrier for cake pops and it worked out perfectly. I just put the lid on to transport them, then took off the lid for serving.