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Spring Time, Flower Time

We finally got out and got our spring flowers this weekend. Want to see a quick tour?

Emily’s new hibiscus in the barrel. I can’t wait to show you the color of the flowers. (The blooms got knocked off during transit.) I’m loving the pretty colors of the coleus in the green pot. I need to get a closer picture of it. 
 Hibiscus in whiskey barrel, Spring Flowers
Going to try some begonias in the boot this year. It doesn’t have drainage holes so it’s hard to keep the moisture right. If this doesn’t work, we might need to try some cactus or succulents. 
Begonias in boot planter
The green pot has the blueberry bush in it. I was reading up on blueberries last night and it said I needed more than one plant for cross-pollination if I want to have any blueberries so we’ll see how it goes. I wasn’t planning to have a whole blueberry farm in my backyard. 
Blueberry plant in pot
We got a fancy hydrangea for the front flower bed. It’s supposed to have evolving colors all through the blooming season. I’ve never had a hydrangea before so we’ll see how it goes. I love how big and bold the flowers are though. 
Hydrangea Color Changing
For the pots in the front, I went with a red and white theme. I put a couple different types of trailing flowers in the urn by the front door. I’m hoping the mandevilla vine turns out to be really showy with a trail of red flowers down the side. 
Mandevilla Vine, Spring Flowers
I always like to have some spikes in my tall pots for height. I got some in a dark purple shade this year. 
Spring flowers in planter
I usually have really good luck with begonias in my big pots. I went with red flowers on the begonias to go with the red theme. I buy bigger pots of flowers for the front so that they’ll fill in quicker.
Spring flowers in planter
I still have one more pot in the backyard to fill. Any ideas?