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Interesting Neighborhood Walks

When I go on walks around the neighborhood, I see a lot of interesting things. No, I’m not talking about my ‘interesting’ neighbors!
One day I saw these baby ducklings swimming with mom in the pond.
Another day, I saw these bigger ducklings following their duck parents by one of the side ponds. I’ve also seen a lot of broken duck eggs in the last few weeks.
I’m not sure what kind of animal is getting them, but whatever it is has been raiding all the duck nests around the neighborhood.
I also saw this fat frog at the edge of the pond one evening. He was just sitting there on a rock enjoying the weather.
I like to check out everyone’s flowers when I’m out walking. I kind of want to pluck the spent blooms on everyone’s daylily plants and cut the suckers off their crepe myrtles. Would that be bad? Do you think that’s frowned on in the neighborhood?