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Meet Mr. Stripes

This morning, I went out to check on my flowers and I noticed a turtle “stuck” under my outdoor sink. He was just sitting there. It looked like he’d gotten himself wedged between the concrete pad and the bricks and he couldn’t get out.

I figured he’d eventually get himself out so I left him there and went back to work. I came back out around lunch to check on him, but he was still in the same spot.  I got the broom and tried to lift him up onto the concrete pad so that he could go on his way, but he was hissing and acting all angry and I couldn’t really get him up onto the concrete. In the middle of my “daring rescue,” my phone rings and I have to abandon my broom and go take care of work.

I came back about an hour later and he was gone! I started looking around for him and finally found him up on the porch underneath my favorite chair. He was just sitting there hanging out. I checked on him several times during the day and he just stayed in that comfy spot in the shade.

When it was almost time for the kids to come home, I went out to check to make sure he was still there so that I could show the kids, but he was gone! I found him making a break for the back fence. I used the broom to bring him back toward the house and left him about 6 feet from the porch so that the kids could see him
When the kids got home not five minutes later, that turtle had made himself at home right outside the back door by the flower pots!
He stayed there all evening, but when I went to check on him a few minutes ago he was gone again. I couldn’t find him in the yard so I guess he’s off living the dream.
Oh well, how about a picture of a pretty hibiscus instead?
What species of turtle is Mr Stripes?

Tyson Harold

Monday 26th of June 2017

Nice post.