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Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Sorry my Memorial Day recap is so late. I’ve been having to work at night and haven’t had much time for blogging.

I thought I’d do a picture overload post for you to show you some of the fun things we did on our Memorial Day weekend.

Perhaps the #1 thing was a whole lot of fishing. Everybody got in on the fun.

This one is Heather’s catfish.  We didn’t want to touch it.

Emily got several fish. This was one of them. You can tell that she was very proud.
Noah did do some fishing, mostly with his Rocket Fishing Rod. #asseenontv (It works, by the way!) But he was also a big fan of the popsicles that Grandmother keeps in her freezer in the shop. I’m not sure how many popsicles he ate while we were down there, and I don’t really care.
Tyler caught several fish although I did not manage to get a picture of any of them.
The picnic table ended up being a great spot for Carter to rest in between fishing derbies. Carter did a lot of fishing — and catching!
Heather took some pictures of all the fishermen. She also caught several fish. Stephen and Daniel both got out into the kayak to fish. One afternoon, Stephen spent several hours in the kayak and caught a lot of fish.
Oh, I caught a few fish too, including this nice catfish. I only go fishing for catfish when someone is out there to take it off the hook for me.
 Sometimes there were a lot of people out by the pond fishing. That was a lot of fun.
Emily caught this bream on a cricket. She has actually gotten a lot better at fishing and not getting her line all tangled up. It’s becoming fun to fish with her.
Grandmother and Granddaddy also have a turtle pen behind their house. If they see a turtle when they’re driving down the road, sometimes they’ll stop and pick it up and add it to the turtle pen.  Emily was playing with the turtles and she found a baby turtle!  Awww!
There was also another baby that was a little bigger. I didn’t end up with a picture of the big turtles, but they are significantly bigger than these little babies.
We also rode on the Ranger, the Mule, and the 4-wheelers a lot. The kids are getting big enough to ride the kids 4-wheeler by themselves now.
Emily and Tyler also enjoy having “driving lessons” on the Mule with Grandmother. And I’m talking about a 4-wheeled Mule and not an animal, by the way.
This is a “Mule”.
It’s not unusual for us to have all the ATV’s out at once. Sometimes we look for each other and sometimes we
We all had a really good time and it was really nice to get to spend some time with our family. I love watching the cousins play together. They are all different, but they all get along well. I know they will all have fond memories of these times when they grow up.