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July Weekend Adventure – Blue Whale of Catoosa

Our fourth and last stop on our July weekend adventure was the Blue Whale of Catoosa. It’s basically this giant whale in the middle of a little pond. It appears the pond used to be used for swimming and the whale was the diving board, but swimming is no longer allowed. That didn’t stop Noah from trying to go down the slide (into the water!) And it didn’t stop him from going to stand on the very edge of the tail of the whale.
Blue Whale of Catoosa
I bet you didn’t notice this, but in the picture above Noah is looking out one of the peep holes in the whale’s nose. There was a ladder inside that allowed access to the upper deck inside the whale.
Blue Whale of Catoosa Adventure in Oklahoma
Doesn’t Noah look sad in the picture below? It was really hot out there and he wanted to play in the sand pile behind him, but I wouldn’t let him get dirty.
Hot July Day at Blue Whale of Catoosa

We didn’t stay very long. Just stopped by to see it and experience it and then we were on our way back home.