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Thanksgiving in June

Thanksgiving in June

I think it’s common knowledge around here, but I work from home.

My office window looks out across my front yard, but window is behind me when I’m sitting at my desk.

The other day, I was on a work call and I turned around to get up for a minute and there was a turkey running across the yard in front of my window.

Yes, a real live turkey, not a crazy neighbor.

I just got up and took my cell phone and headset with me and went outside to take a picture of the turkey.

He was in between our house and the neighbor’s house.

I took his picture and then he hopped up onto our fence and went into our backyard.

Turkey in the neighborhood

I went back through the house to the backyard to see what he was doing.

We have a wrought iron fence in the back and he was in one corner of the yard trying to get through between the bars.

When that didn’t work, he started running across the yard really fast and took off flying over the fence and out of sight.

That was the last I saw of the turkey so we couldn’t have Thanksgiving dinner in June after all.