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Fall Adventure in Central Oklahoma – Arbuckle Wilderness

We had a really fun weekend trip through Central Oklahoma.

When I woke up this morning, I told the kids that I’d had a dream that we were out in a boat fishing with Tyler and Carter and we were catching shoes instead of fish and we were eating Cheez-its. They thought this was hilarious.
So, late-morning we packed up a picnic lunch and got ready to go. We stopped by the 7-11 to pick up some drink then went and found a little lake to stop and eat our lunch. It was not much of a lake and the water was really dirty but when Mike and Emily opened the bag of drinks, we found that they’d gotten a bag of Cheez-its for each of us! I was so surprised and excited that my dream was coming true.
After lunch, we headed to Arbuckle Wilderness to feed the animals. We always enjoy doing this. We usually buy a big bag of feed and just start passing it out.
Donkey at Arbuckle Wilderness in Oklahoma
They had a new baby llama on this trip. It was so cute! It was just sitting there so still.
Baby llama at Arbuckle Wilderness
This kid here is pretty cute, but he tends to dump half of his cup of feed at a time. You can tell that he’s really proud of himself!
Arbuckle Wilderness in Davis Oklahoma
The fall colors were really pretty. They had a lot of these bright yellow flowers that I just loved.
Fall Flowers at Arbuckle Wilderness
The emu are always fun. They can be pretty aggressive at going after their food. I usually try to give them some but I only open the window a crack because I don’t want them pecking me!
Ostrich at Arbuckle Wilderness in Oklahoma
The donkeys are pretty crazy. Hey kids! This is what’ll happen if you don’t brush your teeth!
Donkey Teeth at Arbuckle Wilderness
Emily’s favorite animal is the giraffe. We couldn’t get close enough to the giraffe to feed him this time, but we stopped to watch him for a minute.
Giraffe at Arbuckle Wilderness
I think the zebras are pretty cool looking.
Unique Zebra at Arbuckle Wilderness Animal Park
And the camels are always fun. Emily fed this camel some food out of her cup and he jerked it out of her hand and threw it on the ground. Haha! I tried to get a picture of it but he was too close to the car.
Camel Steals Food Cup at Arbuckle Wilderness
Next time, I’ll be sharing the next stop on our adventure. Be sure to check back to see what we did next.
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