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40 is the new 30

So, while I was away from the blog, I celebrated one of those milestone birthdays. Let me tell you, baby, age is just a number and it doesn’t mean a thing at 40.

40th Birthday Party with Dark Chocolate Tuxedo Cake
We had some friends and family over for supper and I made this delicious tuxedo cake from Sally’s Baking Addiction.
Dark Chocolate Tuxedo Cake with Sprinkles
Emily helped me decorate it. The inside is white chocolate ganache and the cake and frosting were both dark chocolate.
White chocolate ganache between thick layers of dark chocolate cake
It was really delicious – so much so that Mike requested it for his birthday too. We decorated his a little differently. He didn’t want sprinkles and I don’t blame him – the ones on my cake were really hard!
Dark Chocolate Tuxedo Cake for Birthday
I got some new decor for my office for my birthday. I put them on top of my desk in my office. Not a great photo, but I just love my new vases and I’m very happy with the way they look on my desk.
Turquoise vases with feather pattern on desk
Here’s to 40 more years!