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Fun at the Ball Game

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I get going and post a lot but I have a hard time keeping it up. I guess I don’t feel like we do a whole lot that is exciting sometimes. But I know I need to write because the kids love seeing all the things we’ve done and the silly things they’ve said in the past.

This afternoon, we went out to an OU Women’s Basketball game. Mike’s boss’s daughter plays for the Sooners and she had a really good game. She leds her team in scoring in their win.

at the basketball game

Noah and Emily and I even made it onto the big screen at one point. Noah was acting shy and Emily was pretending she didn’t know she was on there, so I just smiled and waved all by myself!

It was the Pink Out Game in support of cancer research. They had quite a few different things in honor of cancer survivors and the team wore pink.

At first, Noah was disappointed that we were on row 7 but once we got there he found out that he could see just fine from his seat.

OU Pink Out Game

The halftime show was some kind of crazy juggling unicycle riders. It was definitely entertaining although a bit odd!

Halftime Unicycle Jugglers

You’ll have to check back to see what fun things we’re doing tomorrow.