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President’s Day Weekend Adventure – Tulsa

Grandmother and Granddaddy are visiting us this President’s Day Weekend. Emily and Noah are out of school on Monday so we’ll get to spend an extra day with them. This is their first visit to our house since Grandmother retired.

They went with us on an adventure to Tulsa today. Emily didn’t want to go so it was just me, Noah, Grandmother, and Granddaddy. Our plan was to go to The Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium (TASM). We let Siri guide us to our destination but he took us to the Tulsa International Airport, right to the terminal, where the TASM is not located. Ooops!

We decided that we needed to find lunch before we went to find the museum. We looked on our phones and found a place called Tally’s Good Food Cafe that was close and had good reviews. We drove over and found the cafe on the corner. The parking lot was packed but we went ahead and found a line out the door. We sort of debated whether we wanted to find another place or not, but we ended up staying.

Lunch at Tally's Good Food Cafe

How cute are they??

While we were waiting in line, Granddaddy noticed a sign for a car show that was in town this weekend. We looked it up and it was only 5 minutes away from the cafe. It didn’t take us too long to get a seat at the back of the cafe. We had huge cheeseburgers and Noah had huge pancakes. The food was all really good and the price was very affordable.

President's Day Weekend Adventure in Tulsa Oklahoma

Tulsa Golden Driller

After we finished eating, we went to find the car show that was at the Tulsa Expo Square. When we drove up, we saw a huge HUGE man standing out front. Noah wanted to walk over and see him.  Does he look big? He was taller than the building!

Tulsa Golden Driller at Tulsa Expo Square

Did you see me and Noah in the picture above? We look like tiny ants at this guy’s feet!  This is the Tulsa Golden Driller. He’s the tallest free-standing statue in the U.S. and is a popular symbol of the self-proclaimed “Oil Capital of the World.”

Sitting on the foot of the Tulsa Golden Driller statue

Noah had a lot of fun crawling all over the huge shoes. He thought this statue was pretty cool.

The Car Show

Car Show at River Spirit Expo Center in Tulsa

There were some cars parked out in front of the expo center that we checked out before going inside.

Car Show at Tulsa Expo Square

Granddaddy was like a kid in a candy store. We had to get a picture of him taking pictures of the fancy hot rods.

Low Riding Blue Truck at Car Show

They did have some really fancy cars. All different kinds of cars. There were so many cars in the expo center. They were all unbelievably shiny and sparkly.

Blue Car at Car Show in Tulsa

They also had some cars that were just really interesting. Is this car drivable? How does that work?

Ryan Signing Autographs at Car Show in Tulsa

There were several famous car people there signing autographs. This is a guy named Ryan. He’s on a TV show about cars. He had a car that he’d fixed up on display in his booth.

Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium

We left Granddaddy at the car show and headed over to the Air and Space Museum & Planetarium. We got there a few minutes before the last show of the day at the Planetarium so that was our first stop.

Planetarium in Tulsa Oklahoma

They wouldn’t let us take pictures after the show started but we got a couple snaps before. The Planetarium had a domed ceiling where they showed the films and the chairs lean way back so that you’re looking up at the dome.

Air and Space Museum and Planetarium in Tulsa Oklahoma

We got to see three different mini-shows. The first one was views of the earth from outer space, the second was the history of flying, the third was a trip to the middle of the Milky Way. The flying one was my favorite because it felt like we were actually flying in parts of the movie. It was really cool.

After our planetarium show ended, we were going to go over to the museum but it was closing for the day so we didn’t get to check out any of the exhibits. That just means we’ll have to go back another day.

Maybe next time we can get Emily to join us. We missed her a lot on our adventure. We had a lot of fun though!  What will we do next?