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So Ready for Spring

We had a warmer weather day here in Oklahoma today. That was a welcome change from the freezing rain and sleet we had last week.
This afternoon, I got out and went to check on all the daffodils and they’re still making progress. It doesn’t look like the cold snap hurt them too much. I have a couple different varieties out there so it will be interesting to see when they all bloom. I also planted some of the bulbs late so I think they may bloom later than expected.
This evening, Emily and I had to run over to Hobby Lobby to get Noah a white shirt for his school play next week. I’d been meaning to do that for a couple weeks, but I keep forgetting. I’ve even been to Hobby Lobby a couple times but I never remembered to grab a shirt.
Speaking of Noah, his teacher is on a school trip to camp with the 5th graders so he has a substitute teacher for the week. Noah is just happy that he doesn’t have his usual math worksheets every day. Sometimes it’s the little things.
Tonight for dessert, we tried out some Girl Scout Cookies. The s’mores ones were really good.
I love this tv stand. I’m waiting for the price to go down a bit though.
I think this duvet is very pretty, too. It would be perfect for spring.
What’s your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? Were you a Girl Scout?