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Staying Warm at the Movies

Staying Warm at the Movies
It was a very cold day, but we were warm and toasty inside at the movies this afternoon. We went to see The Greatest Showman, a musical about PT Barnum.
I loved the movie and thought it was wonderful but I think Noah was a little bored. It probably didn’t help that we went during his nap time. He was laying down in his chair pretty much the entire second half of the movie.
I don’t really blame him though because we were in a theater with the heated reclining seats. I used my coat for a blanket and had a nice, cozy time at the movie.
On the way out, I snapped this selfie with one of the promo posters in the lobby. Pretty sure Emily was mortified. I wanted to get a pic with her in our reclining seats, but she declined. I guess it’s just the age, right?
Movie Theater Poster Selfie
At least I still have Noah. He’ll still take a picture with me … for now.
Have you seen The Greatest Showman? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? 
Have you ever sat in a heated recliner at a movie theater?