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Coming Home and Planning for Easter

We came home from our spring break trip to find the daffodils still blooming happily. I was afraid that I’d missed the peak of their beauty while I was gone, but I think they waited for me. We got some rain yesterday and they are even prettier today.

A lot of my plants in the front flower bed started to green up while I was gone. I think the Don Juan roses went from dry sticks to lovely reddish green leaves overnight. The creeping phlox is just now beginning to bloom. The “thorn bush” has turned a nice neon green with its new spring growth.

This weekend, I’m going to have to go out and trim the winter brown from the dwarf fountain grass. That is always a chore because the blades will cut you if you’re not careful.


In the back, I have some new growth on some of the irises and daylilys that I planted last fall (eh, this winter.) I think they are behind schedule because I planted them so late but I know they will come along eventually. I also need to get Emily’s hibiscus out of the garage because hopefully (hopefully!!!) the last freeze is behind us.

In true Oklahoma fashion, it’s going to be cold for Easter though. Easter is so early this year that I haven’t even gotten all my Easter decorations out yet. I have some really cute bunnies for the porch and a wreath that may never see the light of day this year. How sad – Easter is my favorite holiday!

Whether I’m ready for it or not, Easter is upon us and I need to figure out what I’m going to fix. I usually fix a fruit pizza for breakfast on Easter. (Recipe here.) I thought about doing that again this year and maybe using different fruits. The orange glaze I made last year was really tasty though.

fruit pizza

I was also thinking about making the Easter Bunny Racers that we made last year. They were so easy and cute. I think the kids would enjoy doing that again. (Instructions here.)

Easter Bunny Racers

Another project I’m considering is making tie-dyed Easter eggs using a paper towel and food coloring. I saw this tutorial online and it looks so cute! The only part I didn’t like was you have to let them completely dry. And I hate waiting!

What are you doing for Easter?