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In My Humble Opinion

In My Humble Opinion
In My Humble Opinion

Do you have kids that you have to take or pick up from school? If so, you might need to vent about this topic too.

When I have to drive Noah to school in the morning, there is a specific traffic pattern that drivers are supposed to follow for the car rider line where you drive in the drive-thru line and wait until you’re in front of the school before your child can exit the vehicle under the watchful eye of the staff. If you’re not going through the car rider line, the policy is that you must park your car in a designated spot and walk with your child across the crosswalk to the sidewalk. But there are many MANY drivers who do not do this. They just pull into the parking lot and let their kid out and then drive off.

Do what is right not what is easy

To the school’s credit, they have sent out several reminder letters to all parents about the parking lot policy. It’s not that hard to follow the rules. All the kids know the rules. What kind of example are you setting for your child when you’re not even willing to follow the rules? To me, there is no excuse for this behavior.

Sure, the car rider line takes a few minutes. Sure, you have to wait your turn. But the safety of YOUR OWN kids is at stake here. Is it going to take an accident to get these parents’ attention? It makes no sense to me. None.

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Faith in Humanity: 

Now it’s your turn. Who can relate to the car rider line at the schools? Tell me your worst experience in the car rider line in the comments.