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In My Humble Opinion

In My Humble Opinion

My humble opinion today is something that makes absolutely no sense to me and I’m interested to see if other people share my opinion on this one. So, every week day I walk with Noah to the bus stop. It’s right around the corner from our house and he could certainly walk by himself but this morning walk gives us an opportunity to talk about the world around us.

As we stand on the sidewalk and wait for the bus, I noticed that one of the houses still has their Christmas decorations up. It’s well into March at this point in the year! That makes no sense to me. At least they took down the Christmas inflatable that was still in their yard in early-February. But what about the lights and garland and all the rest of it? We’ve had plenty of days and weekends with nice weather so that can’t be an excuse.

A couple days this week, I went for a walk around the neighborhood after the bus left and I noticed that another house one street over still had Christmas lights on their trees.  There’s another house on the corner of my street that still has Christmas lights up on their house? I don’t understand it. It’s March, people!

The thoughts in my head go like this:

  1. Has something happened to the people who live here? Are they not okay? Has anyone seen them recently?
  2. Is it a military family or a missing person situation where they’re not going to celebrate Christmas until their family member comes home?
  3. Do they need help getting their Christmas lights down? Need to borrow my ladder?

Maybe I need to go over there and ask if I can help? No, I’ll just sit here and complain.

Faith in Humanity: 

Now it’s your turn. How long do you normally leave your Christmas decorations up? I usually leave mine up at least a couple weeks into January just because I’m busy, but never longer than that