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Light Painting – Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources

I’ve been thinking about our spring break adventure all week. I keep thinking about all the fun things we did and all the places we went. Some of my favorites are here, here, and here.

Another fun thing that we did was the light painting at the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources. I’d been waiting for the museum to send over the light paintings that we made and I finally got them in my email today!


light painting
Emily and Noah and I had flashlights with colored plastic wrap over the lens and we were supposed to be making specific patterns. I’m on the left side of the picture and I was supposed to be moving my flashlight up and down so obviously I’m failing.
Grandmother is behind us twirling a strand of multi-colored Christmas lights. Isn’t that cool looking?
light painting abstract
On the last two pictures, the woman taking the pictures was moving her camera in a circle as she was taking the pictures. I think that looks really neat!

light painting abstract

You can do light painting at home!

  • On your camera, set the shutter speed to 8 seconds. You can experiment with higher or lower shutter speeds, too.
  • Set the aperture to F11. If your camera does not have aperture F11, set it at least F8.
  • Grab some flashlights, different colors of Christmas lights, candles, etc. You can cover the flashlights with different colors of plastic wrap, if desired, to change the colors in your picture.
  • Turn off the lights and take as many pictures as you want!
  • You can move the camera around if desired to change the way your pictures look. Or you can use a tripod to only get movement from the light sources.
You can go here for a great tutorial on light painting.
Have you ever tried light painting?